CCE Corner

Evaluation of Academic Subjects

Six Assessments are proposed

Type of Assessment Percentage of weightage in academic session



Term wise Weightage
Formative Assessment-1 10% April – May FA- 1+2 = 20%
Formative Assessment-2 10% July – August  
Summative Assessment-1 30% September SA-1 = 30%
Formative Assessment-3 10% Oct. – Nov. FA – 3+4 = 20%
Formative Assessment-4 10% Jan. – Feb.  
Summative Assessment-2 30% March SA-2=30%

Total Formative Assessment  = FA-1+FA2+FA3+FA4=40%

Summative Assessment = SA-1 + SA-2  60%

Assessments in April, May, July, August, October, November, December, January, February are to be Formative in nature and those at the end of September and March summative.

Assessments will be written as well as oral tests. It could also include projects, surveys, quizzes, assignments, tests class work, home work, conversation interviews, experiments oral questions etc.


There will be no class X Board Examination w.e.f. 2011 for students studying in CBSE’s Senior after class X will be required to take the Board’s External (Pen and paper written) Examination.

The new grading system will be introduced at the secondary school level (for class IX and X) effective from 2009-10 Academic Session.