Ar Maa Anjani Senior Secondary School we take pride in our endeavors to impart students essential knowledge and skills for living, in particular the ability and confidence to study, understand and apply any subject. There’s something special about our school, visitors regularly appreciate the distinctive atmosphere here, the uncommon bond which exists between students and between teachers and students. The school has a particulars ethos, a rare quality of its own which has been kept alive over time by many people.

Outstanding academic achievement is very important for future success, as is the need to develop an affinity with lifelong learning Students at Maa Anjani Senior Secondary School make outstanding progress, delivered through our student centred education and a positive climate for learning that permeates every phase of the school. The curriculum blends high-quality imaginative learning with small class sizes and a low student teacher ratio, which impacts positively on student achievement

Dr. Deepti Solanki